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This group is for people that have had it with all the spam that goes on around here. if you are a spam hater then come on and help us keep MT a clean place

25 Mar 14, 2010


firefly's team of language ambassadors!

13 Feb 11, 2010


169 Dec 13, 2009


Purpose is to inform MT members on recents contests going on in the community! -Under Construction.

8 Jul 06, 2009


Having fun with close buddies and making new ones!

21 Mar 01, 2009


26 Jul 02, 2007


This is a group for active members to come and chat, donate art, or just hang out! I made this group for the sole purpose of having fun, and being more involved with the MT world!!!

9 Jun 16, 2007


Uniting all sexuality differences & abolishing stereotypes for one common love & humanity

45 Sep 08, 2006


Everyone is welcome to this group!! we are just a group of MTers with nothing to do but make friends and chat! ^_^ So why wait?

71 Jun 07, 2006


Discuss philosophy, reasoning, news, etc. here. Anyone is welcome, theists included.

62 Apr 15, 2006


Girls Only - Latest Gossip and trends and tips for fashion and everyday life problems and even more inside!

73 Jul 22, 2005


A group focused on the oft-missed section of Minitokyo, Reviews.

29 Jun 04, 2005


If your a person who sleeps during the day, this is the place for you!

68 Jun 02, 2005


A place for Christians and others to gather for discussions, encouragement, questions/answers, etc.

115 May 04, 2005


Meet new friends and share your favorite pastimes and places with them. Find a friend near you in this group!

510 Feb 25, 2005


A place for MT members that are 18+!

129 Jan 28, 2005


Do you think that you are making MT a better place? Are you helping out at all? Then be sure to join!

61 Dec 12, 2004


Do you like competion? Do you want to improve yourself? This is the right group for you! :D

38 Dec 05, 2004


You must be #minitokyo IRC channel user to apply this group before you get accepted. Dont try to cheat.. because you cant ;)

126 Oct 27, 2004


This group consists of all Elite Members

1 Oct 27, 2004


This group consists of all moderators

5 Oct 26, 2004

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